Forms & Information
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Forms & Information

teen holding forms

Learn more about eCampus Academy by downloading the eCampus Academy Guidebook (PDF)


Parents enrolling their children in the Watertown Unified School District should begin by clicking the appropriate links below.


If you are a new family to Watertown Unified School District, click on “New Families to WUSD – Enroll Here”


If you are a family with children currently attending WUSD, click on “Current Families enrolling new students at WUSD”


Refer to these guides for assistance:

* New WUSD Family – Enrollment Guide

* New WUSD Family – Enrollment Guide (Español)

* Current WUSD Family – Enrollment Guide

* Current WUSD Family – Enrollment Guide (Español)


To assist with curriculum selection and eligibility, all families must also complete an eCampus Pre-Enrollment Information Form


Information for open enrolling into the WUSD:

Open enroll in eCampus and WUSD: Wisconsin’s open enrollment program allows students to apply to a public school in another district. Open enrollment in Wisconsin is available to all students enrolled in K through 12th grade.  eCampus makes every effort to approve all applications, but some may be denied for reasons that include: lack of space or resources or a history student behavioral issues. The application process is completed one time. Once you have successfully open enrolled to eCampus and WUSD, you will not have to apply every year.


eCampus Academy is an online public school for elementary, middle and high school aged students chartered by the Watertown Unified School District.

Learn more by scheduling a pre-enrollment meeting with eCampus Academy Charter School.

Call 920-262-1420

or email

All K-12th grade Wisconsin residents are eligible to apply.