for Students
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for Students

You will find links to all of your curriculum login spots here.

SchoolsPLP – with over 500 course titles available PK-12, SchoolsPLP provides a great breadth of opportunities for our students. Links to courses offered outside of SchoolsPLP’s platform will also be included under this “one-stop-shop”.

ALEKS – ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) is an adaptive learning platform that we use for our middle and high school mathematics students, and also for our elementary students for whom it makes sense. ALEKS develops an ever-adapting learning plan based on student responses to questions that maximize learning potential and provide learning opportunities unique to each student.

WEN– Hundreds of Grade 3 through 12 course titles are available through Wisconsin eSchool Network. This link takes you to the Genius Student Information System, which provides a jumping off point for courses offered through this provider.

Clever Login – Access apps like Freckle. Dreambox, Rosetta Stone, Epic, Achieve 3000 and others