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Looking for eCampus Academy Pathways Program?

children looking at laptop

What eCampus is:

  • An innovative K-12 virtual charter school that supports local and statewide enrollments.
  • An option for students seeking a full time online educational experience.
  • An option for school-at-home.
  • An option for students seeking a blended mix of online and face to face learning.
  • An opportunity to pursue place-based experiences and project based learning.
  • An opportunity for traditional students to adjust their schedule for more electives.
  • Available as a means to work at a pace that makes sense for all students.  That may mean speeding up the pace or slowing down the pace to meet personal learning needs.
  • Open to all students residing in the Watertown Unified School District and those residing outside the district.


Identifying interests and passions of students and developing a personal growth and learning plan to pursue them.


Using digital age tools and relevant learning experiences so students can explore, develop, and create personalized learning that will help them thrive in an ever-changing world. Parents and community members are a key part of student success and we value their partnership.

Interested in moving forward?

Please click here to fill out a pre-enrollment information form. eCampus Academy staff will contact you to set up a pre-enrollment meeting and discuss learning goals and a personalized plan for your success. Completing this pre-enrollment step is required for all interested students, regardless of residence or current school.


Open enroll in eCampus and WUSD: Wisconsin’s open enrollment program allows students to apply to a public school in another district. Open enrollment in Wisconsin is available to all students enrolled in K through 12th grade.  eCampus makes every effort to approve all applications, but some may be denied for reasons that include: lack of space or resources or a history student behavioral issues. The application process is completed one time. Once you have successfully open enrolled to eCampus and WUSD, you will not have to apply every year.


eCampus Academy is an online public school for elementary, middle and high school aged students chartered by the Watertown Unified School District.


  • Little Lincoln (K-2)
    Lincoln Interactive is a leading developer of K-12 Curriculum providing well structured content adhering to State and National Learning Standards.  (Login)
  • WeN Courses (Grades 3-12)
    Wisconsin eSchool Network is a consortium of schools in Wisconsin that share resources and provide online learning opportunities for their students.  WeN offers Standards Based courses that can be used in a blended or stand alone capacity. Curriculum providers include Odysseyware, Carone, FLVS, eDynamic, and more. (Genius SIS | OW LMS | Buzz LMS)
  • ALEKS (Grades 3-12)
    Through adaptive questioning and AI learning, ALEKS accurately assesses a student’s knowledge state and then delivers targeted instruction on the exact topics the student is most ready to learn. (Login)
  • Direct Link to Buzz
    eCampus 9-12 graders taking online courses through Buzz may login directly from this link, but we encourage using the above WEN link. (Same Login as Genius SIS)
  • Direct Link to BYU
    eCampus 9-12 graders taking online courses through BYU may login directly from this link.
  • Aleks
    This is Aleks, which is our primary math curriculum for Grade 3 through 12 mathematics courses.
  • Email
    @mywusd.org email access. All course correspondence is tied to this account.
  • Google Drive
    Google drive for sharing and storing files for coursework.