Elementary Opportunities
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Elementary Opportunities

Choose Your Path

Learning at the K-5 level is a wonderful balance of structure, discovery, and growth as students build a lasting foundation for all future learning. Parents serve an essential role as a learning coach as we partner together to bring amazing learning opportunities to eCampus students. Our families typically choose between two general option pathways at the elementary level, but keep in mind there is room to blend these models to best meet individual learning plans.

Option 1: Turnkey and Structured

Many families are looking for a learning plan that allows their student to know from day 1 through day 180 exactly what is assigned, what is due, and what ‘today’ is going to look like. They want the assurance that their student is going to learn the appropriate grade level standards while being provided a structured pathway to achieve that goal. For this option, we start with an excellent curriculum called Lincoln Empowered. This curriculum is developed by Lincoln Learning, and it has as its foundation over 170 standards-based courses ranging from 4K through twelfth grade. Built for student success, instruction is organized in manageable learning objects designed to synthesize, apply, and demonstrate complete content mastery. A variety of informative games, videos, interactive activities, and assessments combine to help students master standards and contents as they demonstrate competency along their learning journey.

Students work in an online setting to complete all work and turn in assignments directly within Lincoln Interactive’s friendly and easy to use Learning Management System.

Option 2: Hands On and Highly Flexible

For students or parents worried about screen time, desiring a less structured approach, or seeking a more flexible curriculum that will allow students to pursue learning in a more tactile and adaptive approach, eCampus Academy provides access to a tried and true curated curriculum, called Timberdoodle, that pulls opportunities from the best options available to meet learners where they are at, and move them toward mastery in order to build strong connections and foundations for future learning.

Students learn through workbooks, texts, primers, and other hand-on resources designed to give parents the flexibility to teach their children what they feel is important, while being grounded in a proven curriculum that is focused on reading, writing, mathematics, and problem solving as it prepares students for their next level. General lesson plans are available for parents to follow with their students, but there are opportunities to adjust learning and add other experiences into the learning day. Our eCampus staff is available every step of the way to provide the support and guidance necessary to make each year a special and engaging experience for our students as we work toward building a strong foundation that will serve students well throughout their educational career, while respecting family boundaries and desires to teach their child in a manner that they feel is important.


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