Elementary and Middle School Learning Options
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Elementary and Middle School Learning Options

Elementary and Middle Schools Learning Opportunities


Families pursuing at home learning options for their 4K through Grade 5 students have two general pathways to start with, but keep in mind we can blend opportunities to meet Personalized Learning Pathways (PLP) to help maximize each student’s potential and prepare her or him for the next level in their journey.


Virtual Turnkey Option (Lincoln Learning)


For families who are looking for an option that is largely prepared for them, clearly defined, and easy to follow exactly what is due on a day to day basis, while still being flexible enough to adjust to personal needs and strengths, we begin with Lincoln Learning.


Lincoln Learning is a curriculum that provides 4K – 12 instructional options to meet grade level milestones, and takes kids from day 1 through day 180 in a given year.  Students will logon to their learning portal every day and see exactly what is due each day in order to be done with the course by the end of the year so that they are prepared for the rigors of the next grade level.  We find Lincoln Learning to be a very strong curriculum that provides instruction in a multitude of modalities so that every student has the opportunity to be exposed to the materials in a manner that best fits their learning styles and strengths.


This curriculum aligns to the same Standards that our brick and mortar schools follow to determine their grade level milestones, but the scope and sequence is independent.


Book/print-based Option (Timberdoodle)


Many of our families have found this hands-on curriculum to be a great option for their students.  Timberdoodle was founded by a homeschooling family over 30 years ago and they have curated some of the best, award-winning curricular options.  eCampus staff can adjust kits to meet students who are advanced in one subject, but need a little more support in others.


The focus of this option is on building reading, writing, mathematics, and problems solving skills and our families love it.


Timberdoodle Kit Walkthrough Video



Timberdoodle Kits


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All 9-12th grade Wisconsin residents are eligible to apply.