Brave Generation Academy
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Brave Generation Academy

eCampus Mission:

Identifying interests and passions of students and developing a personal growth and learning plan to pursue them.


eCampus Vision:

Using digital age tools and relevant learning experiences so students can explore, develop, and create personalized learning that will help them thrive in an ever-changing world. Parents and community members are a key part of student success and we value their partnership.

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Brave Generation Academy – Information for Staff and Families


eCampus Academy and US University Pathways support Brave Generation Academy students in earning a US high school diploma and enrolling in an American college or university. Our eCampus online curriculum fully complements the hybrid educational approach of BGA and similar schools and academies, such as Riverside STEM Academy and Endeavor High School. This page offers information and resources for BGA families about eCampus Academy.


Links and Documents


BGA/eCampus General Information

Graduation Requirements

BGA/eCampus Sample Graduation Plan (link to a live copy)

Grades 9-12 Coursebook (2023-24)

Grades 6-8 Coursebook (2023-24)

Request a Transcript (for graduates)

Advanced Placement Courses

Find an AP Exam Location in Your Country or Region

Pathways Program

Certificate of Authorization

eCampus LMS – Demo Site
(Username: ecastudent |Password: ecampuspreview-2023)

Tips for Navigating a Course

Enrollment Form (2023-24) – Please confer with BGA staff

College Scholarship Opportunities

Our Team

eCampus in the News

eCampus Informational Video

BGA Home

Contact eCampus

Schedule a Meeting with eCampus Staff РThis link is for families already using the eCampus curriculum to get help, adjust course selections, or ask questions.  If you are looking to setup an initial meeting to establish an initial learning plan, please coordinate this meeting through your BGA Learning Coach as we cannot complete the onboarding process without their involvement.

 Contact Us:


Call 920-262-1420

or email


Innovative Online, Blended and Real-World Learning.